17 Aug 2010

Cardiff Rivers Group Bute Park Cardiff Rivers Group Bute Park Event : August 21st

Cardiff Rivers Group made a good start on the Feeder Canal in Bute Park last weekend, with around 20 volunteers working for a couple of hours, we managed to collect 30 sacks of rubbish, 2 trolleys, a roll of carpet, several traffic cones as well as move a lot of fallen branches from the waterway, helping it’s flow and appearance. Photos from this event are availalbe on our flickr galleries.

We aim to continue this work next weekend [Saturday the 21st], slowly moving towards the castle.

Tasks will include;

  • A litter pick on both banks of the feeder and general Taff Trail area,
  • Move & stack wood away from the edge of the feeder,
  • Saw and move fallen branches from the water,
  • Wading through the Feeder, removing as much debris as possible, improving the appearance of the Feeder as well as the flow of the water.

Volunteers are to meet at 09:45 for safety briefing & kit. This will be done from Dave’s truck, which will be parked within the park, around the Ambulance Depot. Close car parking options are; Pontcanna Fields changing room [ CF11 9HX ], within the Tal y Bont student halls [ CF14 3AS ] or near the North Road Ambulance Depot off North Road. See map below for general area.

Please wear suitable footwear and pack sensibly, waterproofs if the forecast is poor, water if it’s warm ! We will provide the rest of the equipment. Let us know if you are coming so we can ensure we have enough equipment for all of you. Don’t forget to join our facebook group / facebook events. Oh, and it would be great if you could add your own photographs to our album.


  1. This task is seems to be very difficult but when more volunteers come then these all tasks will become easier.

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