19 Aug 2013

CRG rescue Lion from river Taff!

Last Saturday's CRG event saw 16 volunteers spending 1.5 hours tackling the Taff Embankment from Clarence Road Bridge to Cardiff Bridge.  

A total of 36 bags of rubbish was collected, 16 of which should be recycled (cans, bottles) plus a shopping trolley and resin sculpture of a lion (!!). The volunteers were very pleased to hear from several people walking by who commented on what we were doing and thanked us for making such a positive impact.

1 comment:

  1. I am pretty sure that what you are doing is having a long term positive effect on the local environment.and by moving all that rubbish, you may have got rid of several rats. The habitats of little animals and birds are safer because of what you do and the visual effect is obvious.