7 Apr 2014

Next CRG event: River Rhymney at Parc Tredelerch

It’s time for the challenge of a new area. This Saturday at 12pm we will be cleaning under the Southern Way flyover adjacent to the River Rhymney.

To get there, we will meet at Parc Tredelerch (look out for the purple truck in the car park). The entrance to the park is opposite the Lamby Way tip entrance. See Facebook for photos of the signage to look out for.

The park as a whole is fairly clean and well maintained, so will be quick to sort out. There is then a fair walk to the main clean-up area where there are a number of places to tackle. We are hoping to attract a sizeable group of volunteers as there is much to do in this area.

There is limited car parking. Extra car parking is available 300m from Parc Tredelerch in Lamby Way industrial estate which is quiet on the weekends, and hides its own horror stories in terms of fly tipping.

For those unfamiliar with the area, see the map below which shows meeting place.

Meet time:​        11:45am
Time:​                 12:00-14:00
Day:​​                   Saturday
Date:​​                  12th April 2014
Parking:​             Parc Tredelerch car park (limited spaces)

As usual, all tools and equipment will be provided and Cardiff Council Parks Services will remove all rubbish. Please wear warm, waterproof clothing in case the weather is poor.

Please let me know if you can make it so we can gauge the numbers.

Come with us on Saturday and lets ‘Make a difference!’ In the words of JFK:
“One person can make a difference and every person should try”

23 Mar 2014

CRG Hamadryad Park clean-up boosted by 7 new recruits!

On Saturday, 20 volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group litter-picked Hamadryad Park in Cardiff Bay. Despite the blustery conditions, the volunteers worked for 2 hours to remove 62 bags of rubbish from the park and banks along the waters edge.

Their numbers were boosted today by the welcome addition of 7 new recruits! These new volunteers came from various parts of Cardiff to lend a hand and were a great help.

Louise Tambini, committee member said, “It was a great turn-put again today. I am always delighted with the number of fantastic volunteers who give up their free time to look after their local environment. They are a great example to everyone. Together we made a huge improvement to the park and Cardiff Bay.”

Briefing the troops
More photos from today’s event can be seen on our Flickr page here.

Cardiff Rivers Group are supported by Keep Wales Tidy and the Tidy Towns initiative that is funded by Welsh Government. If you would like to get involved, please contact Louise Tambini. All rubbish collected was disposed of by Cardiff Council Park services.

15 Mar 2014

Next CRG event: Saturday 22nd March at Hamadryad Park

As river levels are still high, we will return to the safer shores of Hamadryad Park on Saturday 22nd March for some unfinished business.

At the end of our last clean-up at this site we found a hot spot in the reeds under the flyover which was thick with litter. This time we are ready for it! We are hoping to attract a large group of volunteers as we know there is a lot to do.

Rendezvous at the Purple truck at the Clarence Embankment entrance to the park. For those unfamiliar with the area, see map below.

Meet time:         09:45
Project Time:     10:00-12:00
Date:                  Saturday, 22/03/2014
Meet:                 Clarence Embankment entrance to Hamadryad Park
Parking:             Clarence Embankment, Hamadryad Park

As usual, all tools and equipment will be provided. Please wear warm, waterproof clothing in case the weather is poor.

Please let me know if you can make it so we can gauge the numbers.

Join us and lets ‘Make a difference!’        

Remember: “Volunteers don’t get paid; not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”

3 Mar 2014

Dambusters! CRG clean up Pentwyn Lake

On a sunny, spring, St David’s day, the Cardiff Rivers Group returned to Pentwyn lake and surrounding area for a clean-up at the request of Cardiff Parks Services who had received several complaints that this local beauty spot was in need of attention.

22 volunteers, including four from Llanederyn Police station grafted for over 2 hours removing rubbish and a whole host of items from the Pentwyn lake area and clearing a severely dammed area by the skate park.

As well as collecting 36 bags of rubbish, the haul included 5 trolleys, 2 traffic cones, a wendy house roof, a playground sit-on duck, car/motorbike/cycle tyres, road signs, a car battery, a scooter, a kiddies cycle, a bench, a school chair, a wooden cabinet and a number of carpets. 

Dambusters !
Treasure was found in the stream at the bottom of Hollybush Road in the shape of a silver ornament which has been taken to the Police station, hopefully to be re-united with its owner.

PC Rhys Cadwallader commented “We had a very enjoyable time contributing to the project as we frequently patrol the area and it was very rewarding being able to assist with the clean up as witnessing the amount of rubbish in the area on a day to day basis can be disheartening.

From the moment we got into the lake to clean it up, we were astonished by the amount of children and adults who started to show an interest in what we were doing. The Lake and the surrounding parks are a beautiful place for the community to spend their time and it is a shame that people have littered it to such an extent. With the help of the Cardiff Rivers group we all worked together effectively and the lake was cleared within a short time.

Following the cleaning of the lake we then moved on to the rivers and surrounding wooded areas. The teams removed a great amount of rubbish from these areas. At the end of the day I think everyone who was there including members of the public were absolutely amazed by the 3 truckloads of tyres, trolleys, bikes and so on.

I feel that everyone who attended today and took part should be proud of themselves as they have bettered the quality of life for the community and not to mention the wildlife!”.

As well as all the volunteers that turned up, the CRG would also like to thank PC Cadwallader, PCSO Dai Coles, Ray Lawson and Jordan Rees from Llanederyn Police station for their contribution to the clean-up operation and a big thank you to Cardiff Parks Services for disposing of the rubbish on the day.

Hopefully, the local residents and community will notice the difference and get more enjoyment from this local beauty spot.

You can see more photos of the event on our Flickr page, here.

24 Feb 2014

CRG St David's Day clean-up event: Pentwyn Lake, Saturday 1st March

By special request from Cardiff Parks Services, the next Cardiff Rivers Group event is on Saturday, 1st of March cleaning up Pentwyn lake and the surrounding area.

We did this area at a special CRG event where we partnered a BT volunteering day back in July ’13 and now they need us again.

The results of the recent recky can be seen on Flickr here

We will work around and in the lake and also stream. There is a particularly bad area by the play park where at least 4 deeply rooted trollies form a bit of a dammed area.

We are hoping that the event attracts a large group of volunteers. There will be a groups of people working in the stream and lake wearing waders as well a larger supporting group cleaning up the along banks and nearby paths.

We will rendezvous at the Purple truck shown on the map at the car park area nearest the play park and lake.

For those unfamiliar with the area, see the map below which shows the car park and meeting place.


Meet time:         13:45

Start Time:         14:00-16:00

Date:                   Saturday 01/03/2014

Meet:                  The purple truck, car park @ Pentwyn Leisure Centre (see map)

Parking:               Pentwyn Leisure Centre (see map)

View Pentwyn Leisure Centre in a larger map

As usual, all tools and equipment will be provided.

Please wear warm, waterproof clothing in case the weather is poor. Please let me know if you can make it so we can gauge the numbers.

Come with us this Saturday and spend a few hours of your St David’s day making a difference!