22 Oct 2011

At the weir we were

Despite temperatures taking a wee dip, those brave souls of Cardiff Rivers Group headed to Llandaff Rowing Club to clear the river south of the weir.
Twenty volunteers turned up on a decidedly-feeling-autumnal-day and cleared 19 sacks of rubbish, 9 bags of recycling, a car wheel, lorry wheel, the obligatory traffic cones, lots of scrap metal and bits of wood. If anyone has a three piece suite that is missing the matching pouf/pouffe - we also found that. Its a bit damp.

It was good to see that our efforts are producing results - volunteers who had previously cleared the same area noted that it was a lot clearer than last time. There wasn't even a shopping trolly to be found - remarkable.

It was great to see some new faces there, as always big thanks to everyone who turned out.

Next one will be November 5 - details to follow.

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